We create a safe space for your organisation to:

  • Contest incumbent thinking

  • Question orthodoxy within your business and organisation

  • Test new business models, new products and services

  • Model economic, social and environmental threats

  • Offer a creative centre for those thinking the unthinkable!

Laura Sandys

Being the Smartest Business

We will help you and your team to develop your smartest ideas and make your products and services fit for tomorrow’s customers, to ensure you are not captured by incumbent thinking and that you are anticipating the ever changing economic, social and political environment.

Some organisations find it difficult to generate real challenge from within, while others use competitor’s critique or commentators analysis to inform change rather than building strong internal solutions.

By building “active” evolution, growth and innovation into their decision making most organisations can avoid the need for dramatic restructuring. While other companies and organisations who have lived for too long with “established truths” and market position, might require much more fundamental rethinking.

Current Publication

The Challenges

Contesting Incumbency and Questioning Orthodoxy: Future Fitness Test

How does a new or existing company or body find a safe space to review its organisation, assess its products or services, re-examine its markets, reappraise its values or test its resilience to future challenges? Challenging Ideas will design a tailored methodology to assist senior management test their existing business models, question their underlying propositions, and paint new scenarios of how markets might develop keeping the organisation ahead of the competition.

Turning Transformational Ideas into Reality: Stress Testing new products & services

You and your team have a GREAT idea but will it work, is it behind or ahead of your consumers? Challenging Ideas will act as your “Devil’s Advocate”, asking the elephant in the room questions, offering product stress testing services, providing market and audience research, and assessing business or reputational risk. In addition we will bring new ideas to complement, extend and supplement the organisation’s thinking. Challenging Ideas can work through product development from inception through to the market or at different stages in the process stress testing elements and aspects of the proposition.

Never Standing Still: Building an Evolving Organisation

No organisation – corporate, not for profit, or public sector body – can stand still. Challenging Ideas aims to develop an inquiring environment where questioning and shaping and refinement are all part of normal discourse. This allows for important issues to be addressed before they become major challenges but also offers an on-going management tool to help constantly shape, refine, tune, hone and build greater resilience.

Challenging Ideas | Laura Sandys