By Laura Sandys CBE, Thomas Pownall, supported by Professor Catherine Mitchell Dr Jeff Hardy Nigel Cornwall
Publication year: 2020

Introduction: Powering For the Future

Net Zero is a very different concept from the old fashioned “generate, despatch and deliver” model that has guided our energy system to date. At the heart of Net Zero is productivity, doing more with less and reengineering business incentives away from “more” to “better”. Our optimism for the future lies with our vision that Net Zero is not only a climate imperative, but also must drive significant modernisation, unlock greater productivity, deliver full system cost reductions and operational efficiencies for the benefit of consumers, the economy and the planet.

We also recognise that, while the decarbonisation destination is pretty clear, the pathway towards Net Zero will be messy. Policy, regulatory and industry responses will need to be recalibrated and flexible in the face of new opportunities, new challenges and new evidence and experiences of the interaction between carbon, capital, capacity, cost and consumers.

However, despite the messy, unpredictable journey we are on, that is not to say that we don’t need clarity of the key policy milestones on the way…